Breath is the music OF LIFE,  Yoga is the dance

I would like to share my passion for yoga with you.

My soul began to sing when 17 years ago I discovered Vinyasa style of yoga – flowing from one pose to another to the music of my own breath. All that surrounded me fell away leaving me in state of pure joy, tranquility a true lightness of being.

My practice of yoga is inspired by many teachings including Hatha,  Ashtanga,  Iyengar,  and Baptiste.

I believe that yoga cannot be trademarked to any one system. The most satisfying yoga practice comes from  honesty with yourself, self-discipline, compassion, and a desire to give -  be that to yourself, to those around you, or to the Universe.

It is about recognizing You, right now, in this body, in this moment, and how that is all you truly need to be content.

I am a regular woman who lives a regular life, and has found balance in that life through the understanding and practice of yoga.

I offer my students a  joy of life that is rooted in the philosophies of yoga combined into a physical practice. This encourages them to find their own understanding and harmony in their lives.

I received my 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification from HYP Studio in Needham MA (2014). Level One Baron Baptiste Teacher Training (100 hours)in 2013. Completed Art of Assisting  course offered by Baptiste institute (35 hours) in 2016. Under the guidance of Joshua Summers Yin Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours) -in 2017.

I continuously work on deepening my practice and understanding of Yoga.